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Question   Your work
hey doll, love your work but there is no phto of me in here ;)

- Steve Davidovic March 18, 2011

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Question   Thank you
Thank you so much for your work on our 30th anniversary. It made it the more special.

- Mrs & Mr. Silverman May 01, 2010

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Question   Livingroom Photos
thank you for the awesome work...the photos I have of yours look awesome in my livingroom....the touch of red works perfectly!!!!...Ok now come and see them!!!!...BTW...your site is very nice...easy too!

- Linda Dotson May 01, 2010

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Question   Work
There is allot of really nice work here

- Joe Langlois April 25, 2009

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Question   Style
Sahul here from S'pore. I like your style and approach in Photography. Hope to learn from you but this just an empty dream 'cos we are worlds apart.

Hope to meet up with you some day.


- Sahul Saymell October 06, 2008

  Answer Thanks for the comment and the visit Sahul, much appreciated.

- Liandra B  October 16, 2008

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Question   Thank you
We thank you for our family events photos, they are beutiful. We will use your services again.

- Maggie Hensley June 13, 2008

  Answer Thanks Maggie, it was nice working with you all.

-  June 14, 2008

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Question   Great Work
I really enjoy about your pictures for almost 30 minutes, good work Liandra. The most I like LaDiDa and the whole Creepy Things slide show.

- Marius Marius June 03, 2008

  Answer Thanks Marius. I'm glad someone likes the creepy things, maybe I'll add a few more just for you! LaDiDa was an uninvited guest at an outside wedding I shot last year but everybody liked him.
Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated!

-  June 03, 2008

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Question   Website
Hi Dear, finally done and it looks great. Thank you for the photos. All the best.

- Nicolas Debroswky April 02, 2008

  Answer Thanks Nick and by the way, you messed up your last name!

-  April 02, 2008

  Answer Brad & Lynn - We may be a bit biased but have to say that these porrogtaphsheinforce what we already knew, Sarah and Steve are obviously very much in love and made for one another. They are a beautiful couple both inside and out and Lynn and I are very excited that Steve, Jake and Sam are part of our family. We love all of the photos and can see why Steve and Sarah picked Deborah as the photographer for the wedding. Brad's favorite is four rows down and on the right side and Lynn will be sending in her own message as well. We Love you all very much.June 29, 2011 10:39 am

- Princes Princes  April 15, 2012

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Question   Congrats!
Hola Chica!
Your point of views are great! Excellent images. One of my faves is "Serenity", it's almost like a painting.... excellent job!Looking forward for more images and actions...

-  March 25, 2008

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Question   Images
Spectacular pictuers Liandra! You should be proud!

-  March 24, 2008

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Question   Portfolio
Hi there Liandra.
You have some great images on your site.
I enjoyed looking at them, waterfalls were stunning..C.T

-  March 24, 2008

  Answer Thank you Cathryn, much appreciated.

-  March 25, 2008

  Answer Thank you for sharing again your htguohts and photographs from your time in Maine with your family. My condolences to you and your family. Spending time with parents at the end of their lives can be a sacred experience of life as is experiencing the wonders of nature. I am glad to be able to share your photographic expressions of your world through your blog and wonderful articles.

- Mukesh Mukesh  April 18, 2012

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Question   question
bio is blank??? i'm interested to know more about her!!

-  March 24, 2008

  Answer Thank you for your interest. My bio is now available.

-  March 24, 2008

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