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Question   Portfolio
Hi there Liandra.
You have some great images on your site.
I enjoyed looking at them, waterfalls were stunning..C.T

- Cathryn Thomas 3/24/2008 8:07:53 PM

  Answer Thank you Cathryn, much appreciated.

- Liandra B.  3/25/2008 6:46:24 AM

  Answer Thank you for sharing again your htguohts and photographs from your time in Maine with your family. My condolences to you and your family. Spending time with parents at the end of their lives can be a sacred experience of life as is experiencing the wonders of nature. I am glad to be able to share your photographic expressions of your world through your blog and wonderful articles.

- Mukesh Mukesh  4/18/2012 10:39:14 PM

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Question   question
bio is blank??? i'm interested to know more about her!!

- paulino ver 3/24/2008 2:18:55 PM

  Answer Thank you for your interest. My bio is now available.

- Liandra B.  3/24/2008 5:15:12 PM

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